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Audi for sale to save you on the price list for this car four meters long, from the line Sportivesque, excellent finishes, for sale at at a competitive price!

A1, the “small” of this German automaker in zero kilometre formula, still to be put on the road and on offer, as new, both in gasoline versions, rather than diesel, with manual or automatic gearbox, represents the choice at the top to drive a Four wheels with reduced dimensions, without giving up at all to the quality, starting from the performance to move to safety, equal to the models of the higher segment, a value of absolute importance today, for the reduction of the costs of management and for Get out of the chaotic traffic in our cities.

You will be amazed by the great looseness on the road and the same way from its stability and holding of road, undoubtedly of the highest level when the A1 mounts the sporty trim that takes space to the good comfort demonstrated in the other versions, All with excellent and brilliant engines: 1.2 and 1.4 to have the most affordable prices, otherwise the 1.6 for those who want to circulate often outside the urban centers.

Audi A1 for sale

Sportback: Only good deals for Audi A1 Km 0 for sale

A1 for sale to be protagonists between the streets of your city and the long arteries of the province, on board a sports car and youth, however suitable for all ages, is the right offer for those looking for a new car, never put on the road, then the ” Maximum form “, in practice a four-wheeled” Illibata “, ready for delivery, because already registered, at the price of an occasion used with a few months of life, then a look at our proposals, paused on the photo gallery of cars, you Amaze!

Omar Forlini

Send us your request for information when you have spotted your sportback on occasion, or contact on the phone if you prefer, to make an appointment with an expert of this House made in Germany, before… start your search, find Your Audi for sale.

We have the Audi A1 sportback km 0 that you were looking for

We recommend the Audi A1 1.4 TDI for those who intend to travel often outside the city and have a nice driving and at the same time Economo, maybe in the version Sportback from 90 horses that proves the right brio when you want to accelerate a bit, then Contact us to learn more, with a product manager, you will evaluate all the aspects related to your new gem and follow you in all the stages of your new purchase.

News about the Audi A1

The German automaker has redone the look with the latest restyling of the Audi A1 and Sportback, more than outside, innovations are under the hood and inside the cockpit, in fact there are new possibilities for customization, Equipment, infotainment system and engines more efficient and performing, with consumption reduced by about 15% and improved performance. As for the bodywork, we report an increase of 2 centimeters in length, merit of the new design of the bumper, the version 3 Doors allows to personalize the colors of the arches of the roof, guaranteeing a contrast between them, while the version 5 Doors Sportback gives the possibility to extend contrasting coloring up to the roof. Wide customization possibilities also for the sport line, design, S line sport and design selection packages.

A1 for sale

With the active kit you can add additional special parts and alloy wheels with exclusive design, while inside the A1 restyling, instead, we point out the presence of chrome details around the controls of the audio system and the air conditioner. As for the mechanics, the new thrusters mounted on the A1 restyling are appreciated both in terms of power and efficiency, given the improvement of performance and consumption, together with the introduction of the 3 cylinders, the less performaning is the 1.0 TFSI From 95 horsepower that offers consumption that is around 4.3 L/100 km.  1.4 TDI Ultra 90 horsepower, however, is around 3.4 L/100 km, numbers of all respect, in fact A1 mounts the aforementioned thruster, being also the first of the range to benefit from the designation “ultra”, definition to the prerogative of the most efficient cars Of the German manufacturer’s range.

To ensure a perfect management of the lifestyle, we think the system Audi drive Select and electromechanical power steering to assistance variable as a function of speed. As far as the alloy wheels of the A1 restyling are concerned, we go from a minimum of 15 inches to a maximum of 18. As far as infotainment is concerned, however, we recommend the debut of MMI navigation Plus with Audi Connect module, Wi-Fi hotspot, online services and optional Bose Surround sound system. At the top of the

range are the stainless Audi S1 and S1 Sportback, which mount the portentous 2.0 TFSI from 231 horses combined with four-wheel drive, able to reach a peak speed of 250 kilometers per hour and “whizzing” from zero to one hundred kilometers Hours in just 5.8 seconds (the S1 Sportback takes 5.9 seconds). To complete the aggressive look of the two S1 with lowered trim, we find the front and rear spoiler, the 17-inch wheels and the 4 unloading terminals.

Just good car for Audi A1 for sale by Omar Forlini Srl

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