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Audi A3 for sale to three or 5 doors depending on the version, is distinguished by the accuracy of its interiors for the elegant finishes, distinct from a plank of good level and at the same time essential, while outside it is noted for the lines, Recently renewed maintains its style of always, the result of a totally new, modular project that guarantees an ever wider active and passive safety, from the new engines, optimized to provide the best performances while maintaining low consumption and Polluting emissions, they complement the concept of renovation of the Ingolstadt house in an excellent way.

To amaze you need to innovate, but to provide an increasingly avant-garde product without upsetting the family feeling that always guarantees customers satisfaction, who can evaluate the offers of on the A3, very safe car on the road with An excellent steering that responds well at all speeds, equipped with good and simple shock absorbers that are effective in the different conditions of the road, and for those who want to save, you can opt for the 1.6 or 2.0 TDI, while instead who intends to climb aboard a sporty, aggressive, then it is advisable the model TFSI.

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Occasions Audi A3 for sale

Sale A3 Km 0 to be fashionable with the times and turn on the road with a complete and good quality car, the offers that you find at our site are the accurate result of a selective sorting of different models that we will save you on the price, have a brand new four-wheeler and get off immediately in the street without waiting for the long registration time, available, for every lover of this car company, then it sees the photos of the opportunities we offer in promotion, you will have A wide overview of what are the best proposals found on the market.

A3 for sale

Start your selection, pause on the Sportback version that makes for tea and contact us now to book your new opportunity, among the new cars at discounted prices, a sector manager will respond immediately, with every question asked, will give all the Information you will require, enter in Audi .

Audi A3 sportback, offers with official guarantee

Audi A3 Sportback is a sprintosa car, with a well calibrated trim that can effectively cushion the changes in the holes in the ground, driving you can see the excellent steering both at low and higher speeds, while with regard to the availability Of the versions and the relative engines, is quite wide and ranges from those that allow you to make fewer stops from the petrol station, to those instead more pushed for lovers of strong emotions, then search the site Yua zero kilometer and contact us to fix A date and touch it with your hand!

New at home Audi: A3 Sportback G-Tronic

The German manufacturer aims straight at the heart of European customers with the new Audi A3 Sportback G-Tronic, a car equipped with an alternative power supply (methane), absolute novelty for the Teutonic automaker, a gap that has finally been bridized Thanks to this phenomenal 5-door model designed for families who want to have the cost of managing content, as well as being environmentally friendly cars. Pity that in Italy who has decided to focus on methane supply is still to have to contend with a long series of obstacles, on all the impossibility of being able to refuel autonomously through the self-service, which is possible in Other European nations and the scarce diffusion of the distributors of this fuel, the latter problematic not so much the result of a legislative deficiency as probably of the economic interests of the giants of the sector, interested in braking its diffusion.

Audi A3 for sale

However, pending the resolution of these disputes, those who decide to rely on the German car will be sure to benefit from a gas system able to offer superlative performance despite the lower performance offered by this type of Food, a singular aspect, if one takes into account the fact that the German engine does not have a high displacement (we are talking about a 1.4 with a power of 110 horsepower), yet able to guarantee an enviable responsiveness to driving, the All in the face of consumption reduced to the bone (we talk about four euros to travel more than 100 kilometers). A winning cocktail created also thanks to the skilful use of the light construction technologies for which Audi stands out all over the world, for example, in the A3 methane tanks, placed under the loading compartment in lieu of the spare wheel, They have an innovative configuration and have a weight of less than 70% compared to the usual steel cylinders.

For the remainder, technological equipment (standard and optional) are in line with the diesel and petrol versions, in the same way, also with regard to the performances, in fact the maximum speed of cross-section is of 197 kilometers per hour, while the autonomy Overall exceeds 1300 km

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