Used Audi A6 and km 0 A6

Offers for used Audi A6

Sale Audi A6 used in excellent condition for this car by the advanced technique and finesse that proves in all its aspects, traditional in the look with bodywork partly aluminum in the models from 2010 onwards.

Also A6 Km 0, new with a discount with powerful engines and at the same time silent for example as the 3.0 TDI or the most economical in consumption 2.0 TDI, however fast on all occasions.

Audi A6 for sale

Omar Forlini

A6 used in good condition in all our proposals of the moment, it displays the numerous photos and the technical characteristics. Into the A6 Km 0 Session check the available price, after choosing the car you prefer you can contact us via e mail, or by phone, every request and question will be given an answer in the shortest time, now search the Offers within the section dedicated to the Audi used.

All great deals for used Audi A6 in Italy

Used Audi A6

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