Used BMW 520 and Km 0 520

Only good deals for used BMW 520

Used BMW 520 for fans of this great and spacious luxury car that looks graceful and sleek exterior, the powerful engine of 180 horses forward, supported by the good performance of the suspension, excellent when they have the electronic control DDC and the precise steering.

Inside a new km 0 520 in promotion by Omar Forlini you’ll find yourself in a spacious living room from exciting on-road performance for pure driving pleasure.

Used BMW 520

Used BMW 520Omar Forlini

Used 520, car guaranteed, in perfect conditions for a long time even after having traveled many miles. This car from the fantastic features will bring you daily in your trails urban and suburban,

enter to view the proposals that we selected for the km 0 BMW 520, we are waiting in the Showroom, please contact us to schedule an appointment, you can see live our cars, now click on Used BMW.

In Italy used BMW 520 with warranty

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